Monday, November 14, 2011

Not what we wanted.

Well, the season is over. I haven't wanted to post this because I still can't believe it. It's a weird feeling when you wake up the day after your season is over with nothing to do but school.

Last Wednesday, we played OCU in Oklahoma City. Unfortunately, we lost 1-0. It was really sad. I definitely cried, not gonna lie. I didn't cry just because we lost, I cried for my seniors. Abby, Chelsea, and Pearl are not only good friends of mine, but they are also some of the best teammates I ever had. I look up to all of them, and I'm sad that's the way our season ended when they deserved so much more. We put in the work all season, and it's awful how it just ended like that. The whole game was back and forth with us. At half, it was 0-0. Around the 66th minute, they got their goal and held us the rest of the game.

There's nothing left for us to do but start training again for next year. It's a long road until we see the field again, but when we see OCU next year, it's going to be a different story.

Thank you to everyone who supported us this season, especially everyone in the Athletic Department. Also, shout out to Chelsea McMullin, Gianna Piela, and Jordan Beasley for winning awards this season! Proud of you!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Who just beat OBU in the first round of playoffs?

WE DID!!!!

Yesterday proved that we are a team to be worried about. It was the first round of the SAC Conference Tournament. We traveled to OBU in Shawnee. I have never seen this team so excited and pumped for a game before. It was awesome. You could just feel the intensity running through your veins.

The game started, and we came out on fire. Our work rate was high and the effort was there. What sucks is that OBU got 2 goals on us in the first half. They were mistakes that we made, but that didn't stop us. We picked each other up. Melissa Subu got us a goal before half was over. Before second half, we knew we had to pick it up. Jordan Beasley got a header off of Abby Rickner's corner. It was then 2-2! Last time we played OBU, we tied 2-2. We definitely didn't want to go into overtime. With 13 minutes left, Veronica Subu scored! We have a new saying whenever the two Subu sisters score: "They got Subued!" It was awesome.

So now we are in the semis. We play Oklahoma City University at their field at five on Tuesday.

Good luck to the RSU Men's Soccer Team! They play Lubbock Christian on Monday. Go get 'em, boys!!!

The team would like to thank Sara Williams, our Assistant AD for Media Relations, for coming out to watch our game! It means so much that you would take time out of your day to travel to OBU and support us! :)

Friday, November 4, 2011


I cannot believe that playoffs start tomorrow! It's crazy. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was running by butt off around the track for preseason.

We ended up beating St. Greg's 4-1. It was a tough game. The wind was blowing in different directions. It was hard to keep up. Then we went into a double overtime game against OBU for senior night. We tied 2-2. We really wanted to win for our seniors, but we fought hard for the tie!

So we played John Brown on Tuesday. I still can't believe what happened. The first half was definitely their's. Second half we came back and claimed it. We ended up going into overtime as well. With around 48 seconds left in the second overtime, they scored to win the game. It was shocking. We really thought we held it out, but we made our mistakes that cost us.

So now it's playoff time. We ended up 6-4-1 in conference. That placed us at sixth for the tournament. Tomorrow we play OBU at OBU. It's time to get the win this time! We are excited and ready. If we lose, season is over. We aren't ready for that. Coach says it's all about bringking work rate and effort. That's what we gotta do to win the game!

Congrats to the boys soccer team for beating John Brown in the first round of their playoffs! :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Coming towards an end

Wow, I can't believe that the season is coming to an end. It feels like we just started!

Fall break was last week. Tuesday we went to Chickasaw to play USAO. It was a crazy game. Last year we lost to them with less than 2 minutes left. We were tied 0-0, and they won off a pk. This year, the same thing happened but in reverse! We came out on top this time! It was nice to get some pay back. It just shows that hard work pays off in the end. Good things happen to good teams. Break started Wednesday. It was so nice just to lay around and not worry about class. I definitely caught up on some much needed sleep. On Friday, MACU came to us. We pulled out a 4-0 win.

We only have three games left in the regular season. Tomorrow we go to Shawnee to play St. Greg's, and then on Saturday OBU comes to Soldier Field for senior night. After those games, we wait for the conference playoff bracket to come out. Playoffs is where we fight for the SAC Champs title and a shot at the NAIA National Tournament. With hard work, I think we can make it there.

Come out Saturday at 5 and 7! See ya there!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tough Week

Its been a tough week for us girls. We played the top two teams in the conference. Tuesday we went to Bethany, OK to play SNU. Unfortunately, we lost 5-0. It was heartbreaking. There has always been a rivalry between us since the program started. It was a hard loss to take. Then Friday we played OCU here. We lost 3-0. It is our first loss at home. Then the next day we lost 1-0 to Lindenwood University. It wasn't a conference game, but the loss hurt just as bad.

The only thing we can do now is look forward to the next game on Tuesday. We have to fix the problems, and then get that win! We play Oklahoma Christian at 5. The boys are at 7. See everyone there!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


It’s FINALLY conference week! This week starts the best part of the season. Now we get to play our conference games. We ended last week with a 6-0 win against Southwestern Christian at home Tuesday. Then that Friday we loaded up the bus to Friends University in Wichita, KS. We got another win by 1. Those games are important, but they are more like preparation games. We have been training all season for this. Our conference is full of aggressive and talented teams. The preseason coaches’ poll put us at sixth in the conference. We’re ready to prove them wrong!

The next couple weeks are going to be tough. We play Wayland Baptist and Lubbock Christian at home this week. Then next week we travel to Bethany, OK to play Southern Nazarene. They are definitely are rivals, and we have some unfinished business to take care of! Then we finish off the week with Oklahoma City and Lindenwood(last nonconference game) at home.

Come out and support us! Tomorrow girls are at 5, and boys are at 7. Then on Saturday come out at 1 and 3!!

Shout out to Sara Williams! She came to practice and played World Cup with us a couple weeks ago. She even gave me compliments on my blog. Thanks, girl! You’re awesome :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011


It's been a long two week for us girls! On the 6th we played Avila University. It was another hard game for us that sent us into overtime. We came out with a tie, but a win was what we needed. Then three days later, we played ORU at their field. It was definitely a big challenge to play a Divison 1 team at their home field. We fought hard, but we did lose our first game of the season. We might have lost 2-0, but we walked onto the field unafraid. I learned that no matter who the opponent is, we can step on that field and fight til the last whistle is blown.
This past week was awful only because we had no games scheduled. We are in the heart of the season and all of us are just dying to get back on the field. Even though we haven't played a game, we have definitely grown as a team. We started the week with two very hard practices. The sprints and hard drills pulled us together. We supported each other when players felt like they couldn't go anymore or if a player was not performing to her full potential. We continued the week with technicial practices. Thursday, we came out to support the boys in their 6-0 win against Bacone College. The boys are lucky they have fans like us. We sat in the rain and cold for them!
Friday, we established our weekly Friday Game Day. Every Friday when we don't have a game, we play World Cup against each other. We break into teams of three, and the goal of the game is basically to knock the other teams out and be the last one standing. It's a lot of fun. We basicially do it for bragging rights. We played in the rain for an hour just so someone could win the trophy. And no, my team did not win. Do I sound bitter? Oh yeah, I do.
Saturday, we ran the Race for the Cure! It's an annual thing now for our team. It's a great cause. We even got a shoutout from the announcer :)

Tuesday we finally get to step onto Soldier Field! Girls play at 4, and guys are at 6! Let's get a win, ladies!!!